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I upgrade to the pro from the Free version now what next?

By Niloy
July 2, 2021

At first, thanks for upgrading to the pro version. in the pro version, you will get many cool features that are missing in the free one.

right now, there have some data conflict issues during this upgrading process but don't worry we have the patch also.

if you upgrade from free to pro version or version 1.x (pro) to 2.0 > then you must need to follow the details below to make the plugin working perfectly to your existing deposit data.

  1. must need to update all deposit-type products from the product edit page if you upgrade from the free version or 1.x(pro). just open the deposit product edit page and click the update button. image.png

  2. To get the existing deposit list from free to pro version we actually have a script that migrates old data to the new database perfectly. all you just need to provide us staging access for the website and our dev team will take care of it. after your confirmation, we will run the script on your main site again. Note: we testing it on staging first to make sure other things are not messed up. also, if you don't have staging and want to process it on a live site then you need to make sure that you have the latest backup of your site. fill up this form for migration support >

we're still working to make these processes automatic so everything will migrate on plugin activation.

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